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Product: GORPIL

Product Specification

  • Product Code :
  • Gorpils_001
  • Manufecture :
  • Baitang (Kampuchea) Plc.
  • Category :
  • Category 001
  • Use for :
  • Health

Ever felt pain in your throat while swallowing? Or may be hoarseness in your voice or just plain irritation in your throat?---

These are all symptoms of a sore throat, which could have been caused by environmental agents like cigarette smoke or automobile exhaust fumes or pollution or dust or simple dryness of the throat.
Gorpils Lozenges are tiny disc shaped medicated lozenges that dissolves in the mouth to treat such symptoms. These lozenges provide the throat with the strength to fight bacteria causing irritation or even bad breath.

Gorpils Throat Lozenges - Antiseptic Antibacterial effectively treats Infections of Throat