Our Business


At Pluton Our biggest strength is Sales & Marketing. With the excellent market knowledge our sales & marketing team covers all potential clients, meet out their needs, offer post sales services and form a LOYAL CUSTOMER CLUB to strengthen the bonding.

In Ethical Group Our major principle is VIRCHOW HEALTH CARE PVT LTD ( A Virchows group co.), Vision wellness, Unicure remedies.


We are having alliances with top commodities companies and engaged in import & export of rice, black pepper, rubber, beans, cashew etc We have a subsidiary which deals in sales of DIAMONDS, GEMS & Jewellery. Diamonds are imported from Belgium, India, Hongkong and are sold in ASEAN region.

We do have strong alliances with major garment manufacturers in Cambodia and can offer any desired textile, garment, to meet out need of overseas client.


We distribute range of pharmaceutical products including antibiotics, haematonics, GI range, Hormones and medical devices. In addition to ethical products we do distribute FMCG and cosmetic products. Our principles include Virchow Group, Bajaj, Unicure Remedies, Rasassi.

Our distribution business is mainly in Kingdom of Cambodia and cover entire 24 provinces of Cambodia. Our Distribution team covers the 75% of outlets in entire country with a complete focus on high productivity. Delivery vehicles run continuously in different directions to cater the needs of our clients.


We are offering consultancy services to different pharmaceutical companies to develop their business in APAC region. We have a strong networking in entire region and offer the convenient business solutions to our clients.

We are also exploring some technical business projects from Europe.